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Visual rhetoric

The brief was to choose one of the adverts that I find interesting and modify the argument it communicates.The original argument was a campaign posted on Twitter from Safe Cycling Ireland @SafeCyclingEire that says "Dear drivers, Bicycles don’t come with bumpers. Pedestrians don’t come with airbags. Credit Street Smart." (link)  


The modified argument I want to put across is about women’s rights and against physical abuse. I chose to use a beautiful model wearing makeup that makes her appear as though she has a black eye due to violence. 

My goal is to illustrate the drama that affects millions of women throughout the world and shock the rest of the people through the image of this woman; a victim of physical abuse. The tag line that appears on the poster "Women do not come with bumpers" is used as a metaphor for the protection that bumpers' offers to drivers and the people inside the car.

The metaphor is used to deliver the message that women do not come with bumpers to protect them from physical abuse. The aim is to denounce, raise awareness, and an attempt to eliminate violence against women.

Visual rhetoric

A project developed during the MA in Digital Art and Design at the University of Nicosia. It began as a personal exploration of my identity as an artist and designer in Cyprus.  


It began by thinking about the Cypriot society and the position of women in it, the taboos and stereotypical image of the woman in art society, the role of the artist in society, how artists expressed their experiences through art, and how Cypriot society is being presented through Cypriot artists' work.


As a reflection of this research, I decided to focus on the presentation of women's image in Cypriot society through art and advertisement. I ended up modifying the following advertisement. The reason? There are single fathers who also feed their kids with honey.

Fotini Michailidi- DES-502 Exams oral presentation .png
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