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Beauty in distorted world

In my current work as a contemporary artist, I have placed particular emphasis on questioning the concept of beauty and ugliness. I am exploring the definition of beauty, by challenging what makes something beautiful. Beauty in terms of art refers to a balanced interaction between line, color, texture, shape, motion, and size that is pleasing to the senses. However, today beauty is not a necessary condition for works of art.  


My last project is based on the theory of ‘when there is a form; there is its deformation’.  In my personal view, beauty is subjective and it is a matter of each individual's aesthetics and perception. I believe that beauty is related to what is pleasing to our senses influenced by our cultural identity, and our unconscious stereotypical picture of beauty. 

As an artist, I am constantly searching for new ways and techniques to demonstrate the chaos, the anarchy, and the dystopian elements which intertwine with our cognitive-emotional world. The face is a facade of a self, which is able to hide or express our personality and our emotions, but what happens when we reduce the realistic human face characteristics? Through this practice, I use my own way to create colorful cubistic portraits with acrylic paints to manifest the emotional deformation of beauty. With the most important parts missing, I utilize their realistic absence to emphasize their significance. 

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