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“La Muse”

The knowledge of sustainability lies within us!

This project is a result of an assignment I worked on during my Master's degree. In the context of the sustainable packaging course, we were assigned to use corrugated cardboard to create a sustainable, innovative, and functional packaging artifact. Its function would be to contain a product from any market sector and in terms of design will differ from the conventional solutions found in stores and e-commerce today. 

Through my research, I found that we consume an average of 7 trees per person, per year, in paper products, including cardboard, and its large amount of waste in landfills is one of the issues that contribute to the climate crisis. This emphasizes the importance of recycling and reusing; as some recycling advocates point out that every ton of recycled cardboard saves nine cubic yards of landfill space.

“La Muse”, is a bookcase made of recycled corrugated cardboard that can be used as storage furniture for perfumes, pieces of jewellery, any collection of small objects or even just as a beautiful art piece that gives a different note of design in your space.

My goal was to provide an alternative artistic designed solution to decrease the amount of single-use packaging and increase the material's life cycle. With this project, I aim to inspire people to re-think before they throw away any material that can be reused, as the only thing needed is a minor dose of creativity and a bit of imagination. 


This piece was sold to a law firm company and is been exhibited in their main conference room. 

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