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Water tank

Problem: Concrete water tank in Terra, a small village near Polis in Paphos, that violently invades the beauty and aesthetics of this beautiful place. Solution: My artistic self was thinking of different ways that I can help the residents of the surrounding area beautify this place. 


Office wall

Inspired by Jessie's Unterhalter & Katey's Truhn colorful and vibrant murals, I came up with this project!! Their murals come from the desire to bring playfulness to public spaces and enhance people’s lives through art! Perfect straight lines, curves, geometry & bright colours are now decorating Digital Tree's CEO office in Nicosia.


Kids playground room

Our godson turned 5 this year, so we decided to spend his day together painting his playroom mural. With his parents, we decided to paint the dinosaurs as well as choose the color palette for the wall we did the mural on!

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